"Water Droplet" Earrings

"Water Droplet" Earrings



“Water Droplet”, Earrings

“Water droplet” earrings, with strong line and form these earrings are inspired by the tear drop or a drop of water and symbolize the life blood and essence of everything. These earrings can be bought as an accompanying set to The Water Droplet pendant or are very elegant worn just on their own. They have been made with a lightness in mind that lets them move with comfort. The brushed finish on these silver earrings captures the light as they move, much as water capture the suns reflection.

Theses earrings measure approx. 48mm in length and are approx. 16mm across.

Strong line and shape give these simple earrings a contemporary design which is synonymous¬† with Tiffanys’ design style.

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