"Raspberry Slider" Garnet in gold pendant

"Raspberry Slider" Garnet in gold pendant




Raspberry Garnet in Gold pendant. This beautiful Rhodolite Garnet, also known as a Raspberry Garnet because of its beautiful colour, sits bottom centre to the inner circle in this design. However there is a surprise detail for the wearer to enjoy each time they wear it. The setting of this piece has been made so that the Garnet can be moved up and down when played with.  A little detail that makes this pendant even more special. With both a frosted and contrasting high polish finish, 18kt gold complements the pinky/ red hue of this beautiful cabochon cut gem. Its reflective lustre making a very pleasing neck piece.

Garnet is probably most famous for its deep red colour and associated with historical Jewellery finds of the Anglo Saxon era. However there are six different species of Garnets. They range in colour all the way from purple, red to orange yellow and green.

This piece measures approx 16mm in length, approx 22mm across and is sold on a 18″ 18kt gold chain as photographed.

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