"Radial Symmetry" Silver Pendant

"Radial Symmetry" Silver Pendant




“Radial Symmetry” Silver Pendant

Radial Symmetry is an oxidized silver pendant on 16″ silver snake chain. It is made of a double layer of silver riveted together. Which creates an intricate symmetrical design. It measures appox 35mm

Did you ever looked into a kaleidoscope as a child (or adult for that matter)? Or make a paper snow flake by folding paper in half and half again and cutting out sections to re-open that paper and reveal a fascinatingly pleasing piece of geometry? I spent a lot of time and my Dads printer paper, doing just that as a child. I drove my mum up the wall with small squares and triangles of paper left on the floor. And its true what they say, No two snowflakes are the same!

This Radial symmetry pendant uses a slightly different method of “piercing”. I cut intricate detail into silver sheet with a fine tooth jewellers saw to create two layers’ of geometric pattern, the doubled layers giving an extra depth that my paper snowflakes didn’t have.

Either worn with an open neck top or dress or layered over a jumper or shirt, this piece has a strong bold style to go with any look.

If you would prefer another length of chain or choker, please leave a message in the Order notes box at the checkout. 18″ is available at no extra fee.

To see more of the making of your favourite piece by Tiffany check out her you tube channel here