"Geosym" Earrings

"Geosym" Earrings



“GeoSym” Earrings

Geometric earring design, finished in oxidized and polished silver.  Theses earrings are designed with simple detail cut into discs of oxidized silver and finished with a high polished edge, they will finish your look with confidence.

“Geosym” earrings measure approx. 52mm in length and 37mm across.  The monochrome colours of oxidized and polished silver are subtle but bold enough to make this geometric earring design, stand out.  For those who love a larger free moving earring and that makes a statement, I made these guys for you!  Since we have been adorning our bodies with Jewellery, we have used the circle form to decorate and frame our faces and this design does just that.

A pair of rubber safety stoppers are included for extra security.


To see more making of your favourite pieces by Tiffany, Check out her YouTube channel here