Celestial Ancestors

Celestial Ancestors



Garnet and gold pendant on Choker. Celestial Ancestors, title piece for Tiffany’s newly released collection launched December 2023. This design started the wheels in motion for what has become Tiffany’s Biggest body of work to date.

5 Raspberry Garnets threaded into an 18ct yellow gold Pendant. This piece was heavily inspired by heritage, ancestry and our place within the universe. Beautifully constructed to hold these wonderful mauve red garnets in its circular form and  finished with the heavenly texture of the night sky.

Approx. 32mm across 8mm deep at Bail and 4mm deep all over. Hollow construction. Full weight 22g including choker. This pendant sits on a 16″ choker made of 4 individual 18ct yellow Gold wires.

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