Gallery of Contemporary Irish Jewellery


Gallery of contemporary Irish jewellery by Tiffany from over the passed few years. 

Tiffany’s extensive experience of over 20 years in creating bespoke and one-off jewellery designs reflects a deep commitment to her craft. The evolution of her design, technique, and passion over the years speaks to a constant drive for innovation and excellence.

The use of a diverse selection of materials, including precious gemstones and organics like Bog Oak and Pearl, showcases Tiffany’s versatility and willingness to explore new directions in jewellery design. This blend of traditional and unique materials adds a distinctive touch to her creations.

The variety of works, including bespoke necklaces and chokers, engagement rings, earrings in Gold, Silver, and Platinum, as well as brooches and cufflinks, demonstrates a broad range of expertise. This diversity allows Tiffany to cater to different tastes and preferences, making her jewellery suitable for various occasions and styles.

Tiffany’s’ work is collected and adored by individuals not only in Ireland and the UK but also around the world. This attests to the universal appeal of her designs. Tiffany has carved out her own place in contemporary jewellery in Ireland. Thus showcasing her ability to create pieces that resonate with a global audience.

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