Ethically made

Ethically Made Jewellery

More and more people want the peace of mind in knowing that they are buying ethically made jewellery. Because of the individually of each piece, Tiffany only buys her precious metal and Gems in small quantities.

  “I use recycled gold and silver with an assay standard of 750 (18K gold) or 925 (sterling silver).  All filings and scrap metals are refined for re-use. Likewise my gems come from reputable sources and diamonds are sourced in accordance with the internationally Kimberley process certification scheme.
I know my customers feel as I do; that beautiful jewellery should not come with a social or environmental cost and so I do everything in my power to minimize the effect of my business on the environment. It’s increasingly on people’s minds now to know the back story of the precious metals and gemstones combined in the jewellery they love. Working on a small scale means I can buy the best quality of everything possible.”


Always feel free to ask the important questions to be sure your jewellery is ethically made.

Don’t forget If you have a special piece of family jewellery that needs some new life breathed into it, get in contact here

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