Tiffany and work

One-off designed jewellery by Goldsmith Tiffany Budd has a unique and uncompromising style. A very talented artist in her own right, Tiffany designs and makes each sculptural piece from her rural county Sligo workshop in the Northwest of Ireland. With a love for creating jewellery that began from the age of 17, she is largely self-taught and has developed a style that boasts her pure tenacity and uncompromising attitude to design.

"Since the moment I turned my passion for jewellery-making into a business in 2007, I decided not to mass produce but instead carry on doing what I love, which is essentially making small artforms. I am always changing and pushing myself to create something new and I love the experience of making one-off designs. Each piece has its own story and creative process which is something collectors of my work really enjoy".

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